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The Top 5 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts That Guarantee a Smile!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that means it’s time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. February 14th is that time again, now is the time to start looking for the perfect gift, although this can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you are looking for something affordable that still feels special. Luckily, you don’t have to worry, because I’ve put together a list of the top 5 affordable Valentine’s Day gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face!

1. A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers are always a classic when it comes to expressing love and affection. A colorful bouquet of your partner’s favorite flowers is sure to warm their heart. Whether you choose romantic roses, you are certainly in the right place! And how about cheerful tulips with hearts? A romantic spring book is also a great option. Here you will find the most beautiful Valentine bouquets

2. A Floating Helium Balloon

Give your love message an extra dimension with a floating helium balloon. Choose a balloon in the shape of a heart or with a loving message to convey your feelings in a playful and unique way. Helium balloons are available in various sizes, with all kinds of texts, composed as a bouquet of 3 balloons or air filled on a base. Valentine balloons from € 12.50

Affordable Valentine's Day gifts photo 2

3. A Heavenly Chocolate Surprise

Chocolate is always a welcome treat, especially on Valentine’s Day. Choose a nicely packaged box with delicious Tony Chocolonely in different flavors to surprise your partner. A chocolate gift is sure to satisfy your loved one’s sweet tooth. Affordable chocolate gifts

4. A Sparkling Bottle of Bubbles

Toast your love with a sparkling bottle of bubbly. Whether it’s champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine, a bottle of bubbly will add a touch of glamor to your Valentine’s Day. Your Valentine will certainly be pleasantly surprised with a delicious bottle of rosé champagne in a Valentine’s Day themed packaging, with an inscription such as Say Yes to love or I love you. Enjoy the vibrant bubbles together as you make memories and toast to many more years together. Delicious bubbles for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day flowers blog

5. A Loving Cuddly Bear

A fluffy teddy bear is a timeless gift that will always put a smile on your loved one’s face. Choose a bear in your partner’s favorite color and add a personal touch with a loving message. Nice cuddly toys for Valentine’s Day

With these top 5 affordable Valentine’s Day gifts, you can express your love in a special way without burdening your wallet. Whether you choose a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a floating helium balloon, a heavenly chocolate surprise, a sparkling bottle of bubbly or a loving teddy bear, you are sure to win the hearts of your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day flowers: A romantic surprise for your secret love

There is a hint of love in the air, and Cupid’s day is just around the corner. Valentine’s Day February 14, the day of romance and affection, is the perfect time to surprise your secret love with an enchanting bouquet of flowers.

Flowers convey emotion, so by choosing the right bouquet you can convey your love to the recipient. We have listed some suggestions for the most enchanting flowers, which you can use when choosing to surprise your secret love on Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Roses: A Timeless Expression of Love

Red roses, the symbol of love. Roses can convey your song’s message and leave a stunning impression on the recipient. Whether you choose a classic bouquet of red roses or a mix of different colors, roses are the embodiment of romance on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine flowers blog 1.0

Enchanting Lilies: For Silent Admiration

Let lilies spread their magic and add a touch of mystery to your surprise. With their elegant appearance and intoxicating scent, lilies are perfect for expressing a secret admiration. Send a bouquet containing lilies to catch attention.

Charming Carnations: A Symbolism of Secret Love

Carnations, with their subtle beauty, often carry the meaning of secret love. Choose soft shades such as pink or lilac to create a romantic and secret atmosphere. Carnations are a perfect choice for those who want to express their affection in a subtle way.

Garden of Flowers: A Surprising Mix

Create a bouquet like a garden, full of different flowers that together form a harmonious whole. Think of flowers such as ranunculus, tulips, and violets. This surprising mix of flowers and scents radiates romance and shows that love can blossom in many different forms.

Valentine’s Surprise

Whether it is a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers, a balloon or a bottle of champagne, the Valentine’s surprise is the best gift you can give to your secret love. It is not without reason that you send your gift anonymously on Valentines Day, let your gift speak and spark romance on this special day.

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, whether it be openly or secretly. With a carefully chosen bouquet of flowers you can let romance flourish and let your secret love know that they are special.

Order for Valentine’s Day

Be there on time! It is one of the busiest days of the year, and of course you can also order on Valentine’s Day. But be smart and don’t be late, then the choice is still huge, and you can choose the perfect bouquet for your Valentine. Find your Valentine gift here

Why do we give flowers on Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that time again, February 14th is Valentine’s Day, more and more shop windows are turning red due to romantic gifts and red hearts. There is plenty of choice to spoil your loved one, scents, chocolate, candles, a day out or an experience. But on the day of love, giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers remains number one. And preferably red roses.

Why do we like to give our loved one red roses? And which flowers should you not give?
Also pay attention to what kind of love-filled text you put on the card, as this can unintentionally lead to problems.

We need more love

The day of (anonymous) love is not only a commercial day, but also a day where hormones are flowing. Valentine’s Day is the day to announce that you are completely in love, or that you still are. With a Valentine’s gift you can declare your love or strengthen a love. Isn’t that what we all dream of? Take your first step or confirm your relationship this Valentine’s Day.



A suitable bouquet for every love

Does your crush not know about your existence yet? Have you been happily married for years? Or is the situation between you and your loved one very complicated? Whatever love situation you are in, there is always a suitable bouquet. Sometimes a small symbolic gift in the form of a single rose is sufficient, but if your love situation is complicated or it needs a final push, an lavish bouquet can do wonders. A beautifully mixed bouquet with red hearts, or a large bunch of red roses will break the dam.


Flowers with a message

Real love. Red roses represent love and romance.

Are you still in doubt or not sure whether your cruch also feels love for you? Then send a bouquet with red and pink roses, a token of love but not yet unconditional.

If you have something to make up for, choose flowers that have no explicit meaning.
A mixed Valentine’s bouquet or red tulips with a few red hearts .

Cheerful yellow roses are a less good option, you would rather not receive these roses from your loved one. Yellow represents infidelity.

What is possible and what is not

If you want to add a card to the flowers, pay attention to what you write on it.

Even if your words are well chosen, they can sometimes come across differently.

For example, if you use “you are my dearest” then this may come across as if there are more loved ones.

Are you sending your loved one flowers for the first time and you don’t know whether the love is mutual? Then use a text that is not too pronounced, as this can create a blockage. Texts such as “I love you” – “You are my Valentine” or a complimentary text do better.

Valentine’s Day is the day of (anonymous) love, so a sender on the card is therefore not necessary. If you really don’t know what to write on your card, XXX always does the trick.

We wish you a beautiful day together with your sweetheart!

What women want and what men give on Valentine’s Day

If you, as a man, find Valentine’s Day too commercial, then you are probably not the only one. And if you, as a man, still buy roses for your wife, then you are not alone. In the week of Valentine’s Day, around 100 million roses are auctioned in the Netherlands at the FloraHolland flower auction, which with an average bunch of 20 roses equates to 5 million bouquets of roses. Even though people say they don’t do anything about it, it turns out that the majority of men still buy roses for their loved ones (whether they admit it or not). But in 2014, are women still satisfied with a ‘less’ original bouquet of roses on this ‘too’ commercial day?

Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day?

You can shower your loved one with gifts on Valentine’s Day and be rushed out of a packed restaurant within 1.5 hours. However, isn’t it better to celebrate and honor love all year round? On January 14, you could also go out for dinner or come home with some flowers. Because love for your husband or wife should always be there, right? Valentine’s Day should simply be called Valentine’s Day, with couples going out for dinner and surprising each other all year round. Or does this no longer fit into our busy schedule of 2014 and do we really only have one day in the year where we have an automatic reminder in our calendar to buy a gift?

“Every year we see more and more bouquets with hearts and cuddly toys being sent throughout the year. However, roses remain the favorite of millions of women on Valentine’s Day. Another shift can also be seen; Single Dutch people are also increasingly sending flowers to surprise their best friend. A bouquet always goes well.” – Thomas,

 valentijn2018 2

What men give

What men give can actually be summarized very briefly. Many men do not go further than flowers, perfume, a piece of jewelry, lingerie, a dinner or, if the crisis has not hit too hard, a weekend away. They then stand in line for a long time at the florist, just quickly after work before driving home. Yet there are much worse gifts than the old-fashioned flower. An iron, or worse; a diet book or anti-wrinkle cream. Then it is indeed better to play it ‘safe’.

Attention and household help requested

Women want to be ‘really’ thought of, without an automatic calendar reminder and without a commercially mandatory day. Attention is the magic word for the ‘oh so busy’ 2014. Loving attention, without studio sports on the TV, work laptop on your lap or a mother-in-law on the couch. It is not about the gift, but about romantic attention, an experience, a lasting memory. And not just on Valentine’s Day.

If you ask women what they want from men, frustration from domestic help is often on the tip of their tongue. No dirty socks in the house, a grease-free gas stove, no having to answer the same question three times, not being the only one to take the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard and… despite the woman saying she doesn’t have to do anything for Valentine’s Day, still a flowers. Women are complicated, or do they actually ask for very simple things?

Women’s Day

You hardly hear men gossiping about gifts on the day after Valentine’s Day, while women will immediately share with their girlfriends what they received from their loved one. If a woman is the only one in her group of friends who has had a bouquet of 30 roses, she will proudly tell you how sweet her Valentine is. If she is the only one who has had nothing, then you have a disappointed woman sitting on the couch. So buy a bouquet of roses like 5 million others, even if she doesn’t need anything. A bouquet of roses is ‘always good’ for women. Especially if you send them to work, where colleagues immediately see that she is the one who got something for Valentine’s Day. Responding to feelings, emotions and, above all, her jealousy.

It may all be a bit of a generalization, but a little more attention, household help and that old-fashioned flower that she can show off at work or with friends makes many women happy. So it doesn’t have to be difficult.

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Christmas preparations already started?

Christmas preparations. Santa has left for Spain and we are preparing for Christmas. Do you know that too? That feeling that time suddenly seems to pass much faster after Sinterklaas?

That you realize that Christmas is not far away, but that your feeling is pulling and pushing you because you still have to do everything. The Christmas tree has been bought, the Christmas stuff has come from the attic, the Christmas cards, Christmas gifts, the groceries, and not to mention the year-end completion at work.

And then suddenly it’s Christmas, the world almost comes to a standstill for a moment and it suddenly turns out that you have forgotten everything. That sick family member wanted to send you a beautiful bouquet especially. And that one customer would thank you for his last assignment this year. And to your shock you come across a few more people. Oops, you thought so!

The moral of this story is that you should do the things you will regret at Christmas now. Order a beautiful bouquet now in our online store. Let it brighten up with a nice champagne or a good wine. Then you have arranged that and you can go into Christmas with a warm feeling. You make people happy with flowers, especially at this time, where many people are having a hard time and Christmas packages seem to no longer exist for a long time.

Flowers are always welcome!

Red, silver and gold are the real Christmas colours, and have been top sellers in our Christmas range for years.
With attractive red bouquets and red arrangements, we ensure an attractive Christmas at many people’s homes.
We also deliver beautiful flower cakes! They come in all colors.

We wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas!

Deliver flowers or gifts

Since 1991, deBloemist has been a specialist in flower delivery, both nationally and internationally.
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Deliver your Christmas bouquet and Christmas piece online without any worries

Christmas bouquet and Christmas piece. December is getting closer. Before we know it we are having Christmas dinner and…
we look back on the beautiful moments of the past year. Who’s special to you this year?
feeling or who was there for you? Surprise this person with a handmade one Christmas bouquet and Christmas piece. Of course you can also give it as a gift to yourself!

Order a beautiful Christmas piece

An indispensable item among everyone’s Christmas decorations is the Christmas piece. Our Christmas pieces are too
available in all shapes, sizes, colors and shapes. We have a suitable Christmas piece for you
in every home, interior and every room. Are you going for a small Christmas piece in the traditional colors of red?
and green, decorated with pine cones? Or would you prefer a large and elegant Christmas arrangement with candles?
and golden details as a radiant centerpiece for your Christmas table?

Our diverse range offers something for everyone. A Christmas piece is a popular item, both as a (Christmas) gift or to treat yourself
to spoil. And the easiest part is: you order and we will deliver the Christmas piece to your door, so that you can quickly enjoy that extra bit of Christmas spirit!

Christmas bouquet with an eye for detail

You can’t just bring the Christmas feeling into your home with a Christmas piece. Also take a look at our range
specially composed Christmas bouquets. Using beautiful Christmas flowers in all kinds of colors
and sizes, we will put together a bouquet for you that you can treat yourself or someone else with.

Place a Christmas bouquet as an eye-catcher on the coffee or dining table, next to the TV or in your workspace. Order the bouquet that stands out for you and our florists will deliver the Christmas bouquet and Christmas arrangement to your home or to that special person you want to surprise.

Christmas dinner

Have your Christmas bouquet or Christmas piece delivered

Would you like to order a Christmas bouquet or cherry arrangement in view of the Christmas holidays? That is now very easy, because we deliver throughout the Netherlands. Depending on the product you choose
we will show you on which day we will deliver the Christmas bouquet or cherry arrangement. Choose the date and part of the day that suits you best and before you know it we will be on your doorstep.

Would you also like some beautiful flowers in your home before or after Christmas? At deBloemist you can easily have flowers delivered, always to an address and time of your choice.

If you are looking for more inspiration, read our blog: Making a Christmas wreath

Mourning and the symbolism of a flower

How to choose suitable flowers for a funeral

Sometimes Sympathy bouquet tell you what you cannot say yourself. At a funeral, for example, or during another moment surrounding the death of someone you love.
But which flowers do you choose? There are no strict rules, what is most important is that it feels good.
Maybe they express a memory, or you choose the deceased’s favorite flower or color.
Also special: make a choice based on symbolism. Below we show you what you say with which flower.

Also consider a so-called condolence or consolation bouquet to let the relatives know that you are thinking of them!


The Alstroemeria symbolizes a long-lasting friendship. A nice choice when putting together a funeral bouquet for a good friend.
All six petals of the alstroemeria represent a valuable characteristic; understanding, humor, patience, compassion, decisiveness and respect.
You can choose which leaf represents which meaning.


The exotic alstroemeria is also called inca lily. It is a reference to its natural habitat: the cool mountains of the Andes in Chile, Brazil and Peru.
The flower was discovered there in the eighteenth century by the Swedish researcher Clas Alströmer.
It was he who gave the flower its current name.

Deliver flowers or gifts

Since 1991, deBloemist has been a specialist in flower delivery, both nationally and internationally.
deBloemist offers you a wide choice of bouquets and flower arrangements that you can order.
A suitable gift for every occasion, for example, have a fruit basket delivered as a get well wish, or choose one of our other gifts such as champagne, cuddly toys, balloons or wine.

Why do we put flowers on the grave?

In many places in the world it is a tradition to place flowers on the grave. To have different meanings and purposes depending on culture, personal belief or religion. We have listed a number of reasons:

1: Reverence and respect:

Placing flowers on the grave as a way of showing respect and reverence to the deceased. Flowers are considered a symbol of beauty and tenderness, by placing flowers on the grave you show love and appreciation for the deceased.

2: Commemoration:

Flowers can serve as a tangible reminder of the deceased. They can help recall positive memories and events. These memories are important in remembering and processing grief.

3: Comfort:

For many people, flowers have a calming and comforting effect. Seeing colorful flowers on the grave can bring a sense of peace and serenity in the midst of grief. Placing flowers can therefore provide comfort to the surviving relative and help with the coping process.

4: Symbolism:

Different flowers have different symbolic meanings, and you can also choose to place the deceased’s favorite flower on the grave. Some examples of symbolic meanings, lilies are often associated with purity, roses with love and respect, and chrysanthemums with mourning. By choosing specific flowers, people can convey certain emotions and meanings.

5: Connection with nature:

Flowers are part of nature and are often associated with the life cycle. Placing flowers on the grave can represent a sense of connection with nature and the progression of life.

6: Expression of emotion:

Sometimes words can seem inadequate to express grief and sorrow. Flowers can act as a way to express emotions that are difficult to put into words. Placing the deceased’s favorite flower or a flower with a clear meaning can sometimes say more than words.

7: Tradition and ritual:

Placing flowers on graves is an ancient tradition followed in many cultures. It is often part of religious rituals and funeral customs intended to show respect for the deceased and support the family. In many countries, All Souls’ Day is the day on which Catholics commemorate the deceased. All Souls’ Day is on November 2, the day after All Saints’ Day.

8: Gathering and sharing:

Placing flowers on the grave can also be a communal activity that brings people together to share their grief and offer support to each other. Consider, for example, the date of birth or death of the deceased. In general, laying flowers on a grave can be a way to express feelings of loss, love and respect, and to connect with the memory of the deceased.

All Saints Day explained:

is the celebration of all known and unknown saints. In the year 731, November 1 was designated as a day of remembrance for saints of the Church who did not have their own day. The date of November 1, recognized by the Catholic and Protestant churches, was established by Pope Gregory III (731-741), when he assigned a chapel to all the martyrs in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and ordered an annual celebration. The Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates it on the first Sunday after Pentecost.

In many cultures, All Saints’ Day is followed by All Souls’ Day, which is a day of national mourning for all the people we miss. The most common thing is for families to get together and leave flowers at the burial site of their loved one. Since November 1 takes place in a colder time of year, the most popular flower is the Chrysanthemum, both as a cut flower and in a pot.

How it is celebrated around the world:
In France, All Saints’ Day is called “Toussaint” and is a recognized public holiday. Every year on November 1, approximately 25 million pot chrysanthemums are placed at French cemeteries. The cemeteries are therefore full of color.

In Poland, All Saints’ Day is also celebrated on November 1 and is called Wszystkich Swietych. After All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day (Zaduski) is celebrated. This is always a very busy day. Every cemetery parking lot is full and there are lines of vendors surrounding the cemetery, selling fall flowers and candles. Guard soldiers in uniform are placed at military cemeteries. Chrysanthemums are “THE” flowers and are mainly associated with death. The enormous number of burning candles in the evening provide a beautiful view of the cemeteries and are intended to illuminate the way to God.

Slovak traditions are very similar to those of Poland. Slovaks visit family and sometimes travel enormous distances to do so. They go to the cemetery where their ancestors lie. The graves are covered with a blanket of flowers and candles are burned, it is a day to remember the deceased family. People think about life and eat together.

In Germany the holiday is called All Saints Day. It is also a public holiday in some parts of Germany.
A traditional decoration that you can find at the cemetery is “Newwling” (a traditional candle made of 2 wicks of different colors red, white, blue, yellow or green twisted around a cone and lit. It is a tradition to morning to go to church and listen to the sermons which are all about the message of living as a saint. Then the family gathers for big meals and listening to the church bells ringing. It is said that the souls of the dead wandering around on earth among the living and that the ringing of the bell is a sign to be released from the earth. After the meal, people go to the cemetery to commemorate their loved one, often taking candles or lanterns with them, just like flowers and pine branches. Children are given All Saints’ Day bread “strietzel”. This sweet braided bread is often eaten after noon during a festive “Kaffee und Kuchen”.

In England, families also visit the cemetery and bring bunches of flowers to decorate the grave. In the church, the names of the deceased can be read out upon request and  in some regions the day can end with a play.

In Italy, All Saints’ Day “Festa di Tutti i Santi” is both a religious and a national holiday. Every year on November 1, the Catholic saints are celebrated together. It is a day when people visit family and friends, give each other gifts and extend best wishes. If Italians have the same name as a saint, it is also a special day for them.

Spain celebrates this holiday over 2 days, namely October 31, November 1 and November 2. It is mainly called the day of the dead. Festivals and processions are an important part of this tradition, as is the performance of the play “Don Juan Tenorio”. At the end of the day, people gather at the cemetery to pray for a deceased loved one and lay marigolds and gifts next to the graves of their loved ones.

Which flowers do we put on the grave

Which flowers do we put on the grave?

Placing flowers on the grave is a widespread tradition in many cultures around the world. Flowers are often used as a way to show respect, love, and tribute to the deceased. The choice of flowers can vary depending on personal preference, cultural traditions and meanings attributed to different flowers. Here are some general points to consider:

Placing flowers on the grave is a way of showing respect , love, and tribute to the deceased. The choice of flowers can vary depending on personal preference, cultural traditions and meanings attributed to different flowers. Here are some general points to consider:

  • Lilies:
    Lilies are often associated with death and mourning, and are often chosen for funerals. White lilies often symbolize purity and memory. Perhaps a suitable choice, but that depends on the personality of the deceased. If the deceased was a colorful person, a different flower might be a better choice.
  • Roses:
    Roses are a popular choice for funerals and they carry different meanings depending on their color. Red roses can symbolize love and respect, while white roses can represent purity and innocence.
  • Chrysanthemums:
    In many cultures, chrysanthemums are seen as a symbol of mourning and are often used at funerals. Nowadays there are many new varieties with different flower shapes and colors, so the chrysanthemum has changed its image from old-fashioned to hip.
  • Carnations:
    Carnations are flowers often associated with mourning and sadness. You therefore regularly see them in funeral flower arrangements or funeral bouquets. It is not a flower with a hip image, but it is often the favorite flower of the elderly.
  • Orchids:
    Orchids are sometimes used to show respect and appreciation to the deceased. They often symbolize beauty and refinement. The beauty of the orchid often gives flower arrangements a checkered appearance.


  • Mourning bouquets:

    These are hand-wound bouquets that are often flattened so that they can be placed at the funeral. They can contain different types of flowers and colors. Please note that choosing a mourning bouquet may not be the right choice in warm weather. The bouquets are not placed in floral foam and are therefore not watered unless they are placed in water by the funeral company or family. If you have the flowers delivered on the day of the funeral, a funeral bouquet is a good choice for flowers on the grave.

    marriage bouquet mixed roses

    Mourning arrangements:

    These are flower arrangements placed on floral foam, so the flowers receive enough water for a few days. Mourning flower arrangements can be ordered in different shapes with various flowers in all kinds of colors. Popular shapes are the teardrop shape, round and oval.

    marriage arrangement orange salmon

  • Coffin decoration:

    These are generally larger flower arrangements that are placed in floral foam, a coffin decoration is intended for the box. For this reason, they usually have an elongated shape and are available in different sizes. Of course, the cost decorations can be fully customized in terms of color and flower choice.

    Coffin decoration of roses

  • Mourning hearts and wreaths.

    These floral foam flower arrangements are available in the shape of a heart or round wreath. Due to the shape of the floral foam, these are often put on compactly, this way the shape is retained and a beautiful mourning heart or wreath.

wreath pink lilac


Flower colors:

The color of the flowers can also convey meanings. White is often associated with purity and peace, red with love and respect, yellow with friendship and joy, and so on.

Personal preference: Ultimately, the choice of flowers depends on the personal preference of those placing the flowers on the grave. Some people choose flowers that the deceased loved, while others choose flowers that have a meaning they want to convey.

It is important to remember that different cultures and religions may have different traditions and symbolism regarding funerals and funeral flowers. It is therefore advisable to take into account the traditions and preferences of the family and friends of the deceased when choosing flowers for the grave.

If you have any questions about the subject of flowers on the grave, please feel free to contact our customer service.

10 most beautiful flowers to give as a gift.

Flowers have the power to express emotions, spread joy and give meaning to special moments. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, thank you or sincere affection, there is always a perfect flower to convey your feelings. Let’s take a look at ten of the most beautiful flowers to give as a gift and find out why they are so meaningful.

1. Roses: The Timeless Expression of Love

Roses, with their soft petals and seductive scent, are a symbol of love and romance. Whether you want to express deep passion with red roses or pure love with white roses, roses remain the undisputed choice for expressing affection.

Boeket rode rozen groen

2. Lilies: Elegant Beauty and Reverence

The graceful lily is known for its elegance and serenity. It is a symbol of purity and remembrance, making it an appropriate gift to show respect for one’s life and legacy.

Hoog laag boeket wit1.0

3. Sunflowers: A Radiant Symbol of Joy

Sunflowers are known for their bright colors and radiance, symbolizing joy and warmth. Giving a bouquet sunflowers can instantly brighten up the recipient’s day.</ p>
sunflower purple 1

4. Peonies: Delicate Splendor and Romance

Peonies are a symbol of romance and prosperity. With their lush petals and soft colors, they represent love, happiness and prosperity.
Also check out our blog about peonies

bouquet mixed peonies

5. Tulips: Colorful Joy and New Beginnings

Tulips bring cheerfulness and liveliness. They are available in a wide range of colors and symbolize new beginnings and fresh opportunities.

Voorjaarsboeket tulpen rood-roze-wit

6. Chrysanthemums: Respect and Adaptation

Chrysanthemums are often associated with respect and honor, and are used in various cultures for funerals and commemorations. They are an appropriate gift to recognize one’s worth.

autumn bouquet mixed chrysanthemums1.0

7. Amaryllis: Elegance and Pride

The majestic amaryllis exudes pride and elegance. With its imposing appearance and vibrant colours, it is a perfect flower to show admiration and appreciation.

red amarylis in vase


8. Iris: Meaningful Symbolism and Hope

Iris flowers are not only visually beautiful, but also have deep symbolism. They represent hope, wisdom and loyalty, making them a thoughtful gift for dear friends.


field bouquet blue purple

9. Lysianthus: Delicate Charm and Gratitude

Lysianthus, also known as ‘eustoma’, exudes delicate charm. With its lush flowers and diverse colors it is a wonderful way to show gratitude and appreciation.

Bouquet pink mixed


10. Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise Flower): Unique Beauty and Exotic Allure

Strelitzia, also known as bird of paradise flower, is an exotic and striking choice. With its unique shape and bright colours, it symbolizes extravagance and admiration.

Tropich bouquet 1.0

This top 10 most beautiful flowers to give as a gift is in random order, all flowers are suitable to give as a gift. If your favorite flower is not included, take a look at the bouquets, there is bound to be a beautiful bouquet that completely suits your preference.

When choosing a flower gift, it is important to keep the recipient’s personal taste and preferences in mind. Each of these beautiful flowers carries its own meaning and beauty, and can elevate a special moment. Whether you choose the timeless rose, the elegant lily or the colorful tulips, the beauty of flowers will always put a smile on someone’s face.

Have you found a beautiful flower among our top 10 most beautiful flowers that fits perfectly with your gift moment, and would like to have the flowers delivered to the recipient today? Then order on working days before 2 p.m., after 2 p.m. is also not possible on all postal codes. Do the zip code check on our website to see if there is still a possibility to deliver. The zip code check is visible until 3:00 PM, after which it is no longer possible to order for the same day. On Saturday you can order until 12:00 for delivery on the same day, of course you can also choose to have the flowers delivered on a date of your choice.

Have we inspired you with our blog Top 10 most beautiful flowers to give as a gift, then this might also be nice for you.

Mixed bouquets

For even more inspiration, check out our mixed bouquets page. On this page you will find all the fun, trendy and beautifully mixed bouquets. Or view this page for more bouquets in different shapes and sizes and a suitable bouquet for every occasion.

Deliver fruit basket – our top 5

Fruit baskets are the ideal gifts fun to receive and fun to give. If you have a fruit basket delivered, you are making a responsible and healthy choice. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, thank you or sick visit, a fruit basket shows that you care about someone’s health. Wonderfully fresh and full of vitamins, a delicious treat.

In this blog our top 5 tastiest fruit baskets, why this top 5?
We explain our choice, a fruit basket not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, our top 5 also contains fruit baskets that you can give as a gift for festive occasions. This makes it even more fun to deliver a fruit basket.

    1. Fruit basket seasonal fruit tea and chocolate
    2. Fruit basket full of picked fruit
    3. Basket of fruit with bottle of juice
    4. Fruit basket with puzzle book
    5. Fruit basket de luxe with fes delicious bubbles

Fruit is healthy and delicious

Fruits are the perfect source of nutrients and vitamins that our body needs. Fruit baskets are packed with healthy and fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, berries and bananas. These fruits contain antioxidants that strengthen our immune system and protect against disease. By giving a fruit basket, you encourage others to make healthy food choices and improve their overall well-being.

Fruit basket with seasonal fruit, tea and chocolate

Fruitmand 30cm seizoensfruit thee en chocolade

A combination of healthy and delicious, lots of fresh fruit with delicious Master selection tea and a large bar of chocolate. Triple pleasure! This fruit-basket is the ultimate treat for those with a sweet tooth.

Vitamin boost

Fruits are an excellent source of several vitamins that are essential for our health. For example, oranges are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and helps fight colds and flu. By gifting someone a fruit basket, you give them a tasty dose of vitamins that contribute to their overall well-being.

Fruit basket with picking fruit

basket full of fruit mix A basket full! This fruit basket is an excellent gift, not only as a get well wish but also as a thank you or for a birthday. 20 pieces of picking fruit, easy to grab or hand out.

Good for your health

Research has repeatedly shown that eating fruit has a positive effect on your health. Eating fruit regularly reduces the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Giving a fruit basket is a way to help others embrace these health benefits and enjoy the delicious flavors fruit has to offer.

Basket of fruit with large bottle of juice

fruitbasket 30cm This fruit basket is filled with an assortment of juicy apples, crunchy pears, sweet oranges and other delicious fruits. It’s the perfect choice for those looking for a healthy treat. The fruit basket also contains a large bottle of organic fruit juice packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and promote overall health. With this fruit basket you not only give a tasty surprise, but also a boost to the recipient’s health! You can deliver a fruit basket 6 days a week and on the same day.

Delicious and Fresh

One of the best things about fruit baskets is that they provide a delicious treat. The fruits are carefully selected and are always fresh and juicy. From sweet peaches to juicy pears, a fruit basket is packed with flavors that everyone can appreciate. Whether you like crunchy apples or exotic mangoes, there’s something for everyone in a well-composed fruit basket.

Fruit basket with puzzle booklet

fruitmand zeskant met puzzelboek

This fruitbasket is composed of fruits known for their energizing properties. Think of bananas, pears, grapes and kiwis. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, these fruits are the perfect choice for those in need of a pick-me-up. And to pass the time a bit, a puzzle book, an ideal gift if you want to wish someone a speedy recovery.

Send fruit basket

6 days a week and on the same day we deliver fruit basket of your choice. If you order on working days before 11:00 am, we will deliver on the same day, or on the delivery date chosen by you. Don’t forget to add a nice personal message for the recipient, if you want to make your fruit gift even more complete, add a nice helium balloon or a cuddly toy to your order.

Fruit basket with bottle of delicious bubbles

Fruit basket de luxe with bottle of Veuve du vernay


This fruit basket is a party! Filled with a variety of colorful fruits such as pineapple, orange, banana and grapes and a bottle of delicious bubbles, it brings a festive atmosphere to every room. Besides the visual aspect, this combination of fruits and bubbles also offers an abundance of taste. You can deliver a fruit basket 6 days a week and on the same day.

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