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Thank you

Thank you gift, show your gratitude with the thank you gifts from Delivered quickly everywhere in the Netherlands.

Thank you

Our range of thank you gifts


Thank you gift

Do you want to thank someone because they are always there for you or because someone helped you out? Here you will find the best thank you gifts. From thank you balloon to colorful bouquets. Or of course delicious champagne or beer.
Say thank you in a fun way and put a smile on the recipient’s face.
If you order before 11:00 am, your thank you gift will go with the delivery person today, provided you have opted for delivery today, of course. Add a thank you card with a personal text and your thank you gift will certainly be appreciated.

Thank you present

Would you like to send a kindness as a thank you? We have various products on our website for a small price. Like the tony’s chocolonely festival three delicious bars of chocolate for a nice amount. With this thank you gift you are always in the right place. Or send a nice helium balloon from €12.50. Did you know that our helium balloon has a 7-day floating guarantee? And even more fun we have fast delivery, this means ordered before 11:00 am today with the delivery person.

Thank you bouquet

A thank you bouquet to say thank you is always a good idea and always much appreciated. Is it because someone helped you move or supported you through a difficult period in your life? You are always in the right place with a bouquet. Did you know that if you order a bouquet before 3:00 PM, it can often be delivered the same day? Add a delicious bottle of wine and your thank you bouquet is complete. From modern bouquets to the classic round-tied thank you bouquet, there is something for everyone.

Do you have any questions about our get well soon gifts? Please feel free to contact our customer service.

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