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What is CSR?

MVO stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Companies that practice corporate social responsibility bear responsibility for social problems such as air pollution, climate change, working conditions or the aging population. We strive to contribute to solving these problems and contribute to a liveable climate. Now, but also for future generations.


No flower shop can do without energy, which sometimes unnecessarily burdens the environment. is not satisfied with this. 100% of the energy we use is generated by solar panels. In this way we contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse gas CO2. (annual yield approximately 13000 KW)


The use of our lighting is limited as much as possible by a skylight in the roof, over the length of the workspace and offices. Natural lighting, motion detectors and time switches and the use of LED lamps greatly limit the use of lighting and energy.

Cool back

In the summer we cool the shed back to the outside temperature at night. This saves a lot of energy during the day, so the air conditioning needs to be turned on much less.


We do not use gas, our heating works via a sustainable heat pump that works entirely on sustainable electricity generated by the solar panels. Air conditioning works the same way. Due to good insulation in all walls, the use of heating or air conditioning is limited. In addition, there is a large glass facade through which the heat from the sun enters, which we use to heat our building.

Transport and logistics

Logistics is an important theme, with transport and delivery significant sustainability gains can be achieved, particularly in reducing CO2 emissions.

Suppliers to

The majority of suppliers to are located within a radius of 10 km around our company. That is beneficial: this reduces CO2 emissions and traffic pressure and limits traffic jams.

Transport and delivery

We opt for environmentally conscious forms of delivery. Trip planning is an efficient way to limit exhaust gas emissions. All our suppliers and our own delivery service therefore plan the journeys in an environmentally conscious manner.

Measuring is knowing

You can only make improvements if you know the numbers. We therefore measure our purchasing,
energy consumption and do the Energy module measures check every year.

What do we do with this data?
  1. We make a sustainable investment at least once a year
  2. Weekly monitoring of purchasing  – Percentage of MPS is tracked weekly We try to buy as many flowers as possible with MPA – MPS A+
  3. We keep a checklist for energy savings. The checklist is adjusted if necessary, currently we have ticked 87%
  4. We are constantly looking for improvements in our automation. You can think of paperless order processing,
Sustainable packaging

We use sustainable materials in packaging. Used covers and foils are, for example, made of polypropylene, which is fully and easily recyclable and does not release any hazardous substances.

Our products are only shipped in a box when absolutely necessary. And if the product is shipped in a box, it is of course made from recycled paper.


Waste is an important theme and we do everything we can to reduce or recycle the amount of waste to reduce the burden on the environment. We separate our waste as much as possible and dispose of our waste in an environmentally conscious manner. Plastic waste is disposed of by a combined ride to and from the auction.


When purchasing our products, we pay attention to the sustainability of a product. This also applies to the purchase of our flowers. More than half of the flowers we purchase have a sustainability label. We also make sure that the flowers do not come from far away, but from the Netherlands. This way the environment is burdened as little as possible.


Our employees, they are committed to guaranteeing quality and sustainability. Our team is our strength, together we are motivated to serve you and to achieve good, beautiful and sustainable results.

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