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Fragrances and colors – why do flowers smell

Thomas deBloemist
profiel foto thomas

Why do flowers smell?

Fragrances and colors. It’s almost spring already.

That also means that the flowers will grow and bloom again.
The bulb fields and gardens will soon be filled with fragrant and colorful flowers.

But why do flowers actually smell and why do you all have different kinds of colors?
Each flower has its own scent and color, for example a hyacinth smells very strong while a tulip is odorless.
But what is that scent for and why do some people smell flowers and others don’t?

Insects and flowers

Fragrance is very important for many flowers. Insects are necessary for the reproduction of many flowers and plants, the wonderful scent attracts the insects to the flower. The insects ensure that the pollen is spread from flower to flower. Without the insects, many flowers would not exist.

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but also to smell. Their wonderful scents take us to the wonderful world of natural beauty and emotion

Unscented flowers

But what about the flowers that don’t smell? Not all flowers have a wonderful floral scent.
That’s because some flowers don’t need that to survive.
These flowers often have a beautiful color, which makes them attract insects.
The more beautiful and brighter the color, the more insects the flower attracts.

Nowadays, many flowers are also grown for scent. For example, red Red Naomi rose has a wonderful scent, which fills the whole house with a floral scent. When compiling our bouquets, in addition to color, attention is also paid to the scents of the flowers. For example, the bouquets of are carefully composed to create a perfect scent and color.

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