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The most beautiful Christmas bouquets and Christmas gifts for your family and relations

Delivering a Christmas piece

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Deliver Christmas arrangement and Christmas bouquet

December is getting closer. Before we know it, we will be sitting down to Christmas dinner and looking back on the wonderful moments of the past year. Who made you feel special this year or who was there for you? Surprise this person with a handmade Christmas arrangement or a beautiful Christmas bouquet. Of course you can also give it as a gift to yourself!

Order a beautiful Christmas piece

An indispensable item among everyone’s Christmas decorations is the Christmas piece. Our Christmas pieces are available in all shapes, sizes, colors and shapes. We have a suitable Christmas piece for every home, interior and every room. Are you going for a small Christmas piece in the traditional colors red and green, decorated with pine cones? Or would you prefer a large and elegant Christmas arrangement with candles and gold details as the radiant centerpiece of your Christmas table?

Our diverse range offers something for everyone. A Christmas piece is a popular item, both as a (Christmas) gift or to treat yourself. And the easiest part is: you order and we will deliver the Christmas piece to your door, so that you can quickly enjoy that extra bit of Christmas spirit!

Delivering a Christmas bouquet with an eye for detail.

You can’t just bring the Christmas feeling into your home with a Christmas piece. Also take a look at our range of specially composed Christmas bouquets. Using beautiful Christmas flowers in all kinds of colors and sizes, we put together a bouquet for you that you can treat yourself or someone else with. Place a Christmas bouquet as an eye-catcher on the coffee or dining table, next to the TV or in your workspace. Order the bouquet that stands out for you and our florists will deliver the Christmas bouquet to your home or to that special person you want to surprise.

Delivering Christmas presents for relations

If you plan to send a Christmas piece to all your relations this year, please send us an email. You will then receive a file from us in which you can paste the address list. We then import this and link it to the Christmas piece you have chosen. Would you like to add a personal text or wish per Christmas piece? No problem, you can enter a different text for each address. In addition to a personal text, you can also add an extra product, for example a bottle of wine or champagne. This way you make your Christmas gift even more complete, which will certainly be appreciated by your relations.

How long does a Christmas piece last?

How long a Christmas arrangement lasts depends on various factors, such as the materials used; if the Christmas arrangement consists exclusively of greenery and decorations, this will be much longer than if it also contains flowers. In addition, the environmental conditions and the care you pay to them are an important factor. In general, Christmas pieces can last a long time with the right ones. Here are some tips to extend the life of your Christmas piece:

– Watering: Make sure that the floral foam of the Christmas piece is always moist. Check this regularly and top it up.
– Placement: Place the Christmas piece in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, heating sources and drafts. Exposure to heat can shorten the lifespan of the flowers.
– Spraying: If the humidity in the room is low, spraying with a plant sprayer is a good option. This increases the humidity on and around the Christmas ornament.

A diverse range of Christmas pieces

Christmas is approaching, the magic of Christmas is reflected in our diverse range of Christmas arrangements and Christmas bouquets. From colorful contemporary arrangements to classically subdued, there is a Christmas piece for every heart and every taste. The warm scent of pine mingles with the sweet hues of festive flowers, berries and decorations. Whether you love traditional red and green or long for contemporary compositions with sparkling silver and gold tones, our Christmas pieces bring the real Christmas spirit.

Have your Christmas piece delivered

Would you like to order a Christmas bouquet or Christmas arrangement in view of the Christmas holidays? That is now very easy, because we deliver throughout Netherlands. Depending on the product you choose, we will show you on which day we will deliver the Christmas bouquet or Christmas piece. Choose the date and part of the day that suits you best and before you know it we will be on your doorstep. Would you also like some beautiful flowers in your home before or after Christmas? At deBloemist you can easily have flowers delivered, always at an address and time of your choice.

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