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Taking care of flowers with our 5 tips

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Taking care of flowers with our 5 tips

Does this look familiar? You buy a bouquet of flowers, but before you know it they are limp and ready for the trash. How do you make sure your flowers last longer? In this blog we give five practical tips for taking care of flowers. So that you can enjoy your bouquet for longer!

Tip 1: Cut flowers at an angle

You may have heard this trick before. Cut the bottom of the flowers diagonally before placing them in a vase. This ensures an open entrance at the bottom, so that the flowers can easily absorb the water. Do this with a sharp knife and not scissors. It is better to cut the stem a little too short than to leave it too long, as long stems take longer to absorb water. And with a lack of sufficient water, the flower dies earlier.

Tip 2: Get rid of excess leaves

Leaves grow on the stem of several types of flowers. Remove these leaves before you put the bunch in the water, so that they don’t end up in the vase. This prevents leaves from getting wet, rotting and polluting the water. Pollution in the water will cause stems to rot, resulting in your flowers dying sooner. Do you want to order roses? You can leave the thorns alone. Extra tip: keep your water clean by changing it every three to four days. Do you come across a faded flower during the refresh? Faded flowers also cause pollution, so throw them away immediately.

Tip 3: Choose a good and clean vase

A clean vase is very important. A vase that is not clean contains bacteria that immediately affect the flowers. It is best to use a glass vase. This clearly shows whether there is still enough water in the vase. In addition, you can see whether the water is still clear or whether it is time to refresh it.

Tip 4: Add chlorine and sugar

This tip may sound a bit crazy, but they are both miracle remedies for taking care of your flowers. Chlorine kills bacteria, so it stops pollution and the vase stays clean longer. Be careful with the use of chlorine, one drop is enough. Using more will actually damage your flowers. You use sugar as food for the flowers. When you buy a new bunch you get a bag of cut flower food that you add to the water. After changing the water, a small spoonful of sugar is the ideal replacement.

Tip 5: The right place for your bouquet

After all, flowers also last longer if they are in a nice place. Therefore, do not place your flowers in a draught, in full sun or close to a heater. In these places, flowers lose moisture faster than they absorb new water again. This makes them go limp, which is of course a shame for your beautiful forest.

Taking care of flowers with the tips of

Have you picked out a beautiful bunch of flowers? Or are you about to order a bouquet? Then prepare a suitable vase so that the flowers are not without water for a long time. Do you also have a sharp knife ready and have you found the perfect place in your home for the flowers? A good start is half the work!

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