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Top 5 Typical Cut Flowers for Spring

Thomas deBloemist
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Spring is back, our top 5 Typical Cut Flowers for Spring

Spring is the season of renewal, nature awakens and flowers bloom. If you are looking for a beautiful spring bouquet to brighten up your home or as a gift, here are five typical cut flowers that fit perfectly with the cheerful season of spring.

1. Tulip

The tulip, a symbol of the Netherlands and one of the world’s most recognizable flowers, available in all kinds of colors and shapes, single, double, crispa, or parrot flowered. Tulips are available in a wide range of colors, ranging from bright red to soft pink and from radiant yellow to deep purple. During spring, tulips bloom in abundance, making them available in abundance, a perfect flower for your spring bouquet that adds a touch of cheerfulness and color to any room.

top 5 Typical Cut Flowers for Spring tulips

2. Daffodil

The daffodil, with its bright and cheerful yellow flowers, announces the arrival of spring with its cheerful appearance. The Daffodil symbolizes new life and renewal, making it a fitting choice for the spring season. In addition to the classic yellow flower type, daffodils with white, orange and pink flowers are also available. The Daffodil is very nice to combine with spring tasks and blossoms.

3. Hyacinth

The hyacinth is a fragrant spring flower known for its intense and intoxicating aroma. Available in a variety of colors including white, pink, purple and blue, this flower adds not only color but also a wonderful scent to any room. Hyacinths look nice alone in a small vase, combined with other flowers in a short bouquet they create a fragrant and colorful mix.

4. Anemone

The anemone is a delicate and elegant flower that blooms in spring and comes in a variety of colors including white, pink, purple and red. This flower has striking dark stamens in the center, which creates an interesting contrast with the soft petals. Anemones add a touch of refinement to spring bouquets, but also as a mono bunch in a small vase on the table.

top 5 Typical Cut Flowers for Spring foto 2

5. Freesia

The Freesia is a fragrant and graceful flower known for its wonderful aroma and unique flower shape. This flower is available in a wide range of colors ranging from white and yellow to pink, red and purple, making it a versatile choice for spring bouquets, Freesias not only add color and fragrance to bouquets, but they also stay fresh for a long time, the Freesia should therefore not be missing from this top 5

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