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Why do we give flowers on Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that time again, February 14th is Valentine’s Day, more and more shop windows are turning red due to romantic gifts and red hearts. There is plenty of choice to spoil your loved one, scents, chocolate, candles, a day out or an experience. But on the day of love, giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers remains number one. And preferably red roses.

Why do we like to give our loved one red roses? And which flowers should you not give?
Also pay attention to what kind of love-filled text you put on the card, as this can unintentionally lead to problems.

We need more love

The day of (anonymous) love is not only a commercial day, but also a day where hormones are flowing. Valentine’s Day is the day to announce that you are completely in love, or that you still are. With a Valentine’s gift you can declare your love or strengthen a love. Isn’t that what we all dream of? Take your first step or confirm your relationship this Valentine’s Day.



A suitable bouquet for every love

Does your crush not know about your existence yet? Have you been happily married for years? Or is the situation between you and your loved one very complicated? Whatever love situation you are in, there is always a suitable bouquet. Sometimes a small symbolic gift in the form of a single rose is sufficient, but if your love situation is complicated or it needs a final push, an lavish bouquet can do wonders. A beautifully mixed bouquet with red hearts, or a large bunch of red roses will break the dam.


Flowers with a message

Real love. Red roses represent love and romance.

Are you still in doubt or not sure whether your cruch also feels love for you? Then send a bouquet with red and pink roses, a token of love but not yet unconditional.

If you have something to make up for, choose flowers that have no explicit meaning.
A mixed Valentine’s bouquet or red tulips with a few red hearts .

Cheerful yellow roses are a less good option, you would rather not receive these roses from your loved one. Yellow represents infidelity.

What is possible and what is not

If you want to add a card to the flowers, pay attention to what you write on it.

Even if your words are well chosen, they can sometimes come across differently.

For example, if you use “you are my dearest” then this may come across as if there are more loved ones.

Are you sending your loved one flowers for the first time and you don’t know whether the love is mutual? Then use a text that is not too pronounced, as this can create a blockage. Texts such as “I love you” – “You are my Valentine” or a complimentary text do better.

Valentine’s Day is the day of (anonymous) love, so a sender on the card is therefore not necessary. If you really don’t know what to write on your card, XXX always does the trick.

We wish you a beautiful day together with your sweetheart!

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