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Top 10 most beautiful flowers to give as a gift

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10 most beautiful flowers to give as a gift.

Flowers have the power to express emotions, spread joy and give meaning to special moments. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, thank you or sincere affection, there is always a perfect flower to convey your feelings. Let’s take a look at ten of the most beautiful flowers to give as a gift and find out why they are so meaningful.

1. Roses: The Timeless Expression of Love

Roses, with their soft petals and seductive scent, are a symbol of love and romance. Whether you want to express deep passion with red roses or pure love with white roses, roses remain the undisputed choice for expressing affection.

Boeket rode rozen groen

2. Lilies: Elegant Beauty and Reverence

The graceful lily is known for its elegance and serenity. It is a symbol of purity and remembrance, making it an appropriate gift to show respect for one’s life and legacy.

Hoog laag boeket wit1.0

3. Sunflowers: A Radiant Symbol of Joy

Sunflowers are known for their bright colors and radiance, symbolizing joy and warmth. Giving a bouquet sunflowers can instantly brighten up the recipient’s day.</ p>
sunflower purple 1

4. Peonies: Delicate Splendor and Romance

Peonies are a symbol of romance and prosperity. With their lush petals and soft colors, they represent love, happiness and prosperity.
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bouquet mixed peonies

5. Tulips: Colorful Joy and New Beginnings

Tulips bring cheerfulness and liveliness. They are available in a wide range of colors and symbolize new beginnings and fresh opportunities.

Voorjaarsboeket tulpen rood-roze-wit

6. Chrysanthemums: Respect and Adaptation

Chrysanthemums are often associated with respect and honor, and are used in various cultures for funerals and commemorations. They are an appropriate gift to recognize one’s worth.

autumn bouquet mixed chrysanthemums1.0

7. Amaryllis: Elegance and Pride

The majestic amaryllis exudes pride and elegance. With its imposing appearance and vibrant colours, it is a perfect flower to show admiration and appreciation.

red amarylis in vase


8. Iris: Meaningful Symbolism and Hope

Iris flowers are not only visually beautiful, but also have deep symbolism. They represent hope, wisdom and loyalty, making them a thoughtful gift for dear friends.


field bouquet blue purple

9. Lysianthus: Delicate Charm and Gratitude

Lysianthus, also known as ‘eustoma’, exudes delicate charm. With its lush flowers and diverse colors it is a wonderful way to show gratitude and appreciation.

Bouquet pink mixed


10. Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise Flower): Unique Beauty and Exotic Allure

Strelitzia, also known as bird of paradise flower, is an exotic and striking choice. With its unique shape and bright colours, it symbolizes extravagance and admiration.

Tropich bouquet 1.0

This top 10 most beautiful flowers to give as a gift is in random order, all flowers are suitable to give as a gift. If your favorite flower is not included, take a look at the bouquets, there is bound to be a beautiful bouquet that completely suits your preference.

When choosing a flower gift, it is important to keep the recipient’s personal taste and preferences in mind. Each of these beautiful flowers carries its own meaning and beauty, and can elevate a special moment. Whether you choose the timeless rose, the elegant lily or the colorful tulips, the beauty of flowers will always put a smile on someone’s face.

Have you found a beautiful flower among our top 10 most beautiful flowers that fits perfectly with your gift moment, and would like to have the flowers delivered to the recipient today? Then order on working days before 2 p.m., after 2 p.m. is also not possible on all postal codes. Do the zip code check on our website to see if there is still a possibility to deliver. The zip code check is visible until 3:00 PM, after which it is no longer possible to order for the same day. On Saturday you can order until 12:00 for delivery on the same day, of course you can also choose to have the flowers delivered on a date of your choice.

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