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How do I care for my flowers when it is hot?

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How do I care for my flowers when it is hot? Our care tips in warm weather.

Summer heat can be challenging, not only for ourselves, but also for our beloved flowers. Here are some tips to make sure your flowers survive the heat:

Choose a cool place

Do not place your fresh bouquet in direct sunlight, because the petals can burn and the flowers have to drink extra water. Instead, find a cool place. Sometimes it is even cooler outside than inside at night. If you have a balcony or garden, place your flowers in the shady outdoors. This way you can enjoy beautiful flowers while relaxing outside.

Water, water, water

During the heat you drink extra water. However, don’t forget to think about the flowers too when you put a pitcher of cucumber water or lemonade in front of yourself. Regularly refill the vases with extra water, or even better, change the water daily. This way the flowers stay hydrated and fresh.

Choose your flowers carefully

Not all flowers are equally resistant to heat. Keep the weather forecast in mind when choosing flowers for your bouquet. Delphinium, gladiolus, alstroemeria (see photo) and gerbera, for example, can withstand heat better. By choosing the right flowers, you increase the survival rate of your bouquet in the heat.

Real summer flowers can withstand heat better, they grew up with it.

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Top 5 strong summer flowers

  1. Delphinium (larkspur)
  2. Gladiolus
  3. Alstroemeria
  4. Sweet William
  5. Allium

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Remove the weakest link

If there is a flower stem that did not make it, remove it from the bouquet as soon as possible. That way you prevent the other flowers from being affected as well and prevent the bouquet from hanging. It is a bit of a swallow, but by removing the weak flower, you preserve the beauty of the rest of the bouquet.

Delivering flowers

Since 1991, deBloemist has specialized in flower delivery, 6 days a week and on the same day. At deBloemist you can choose from a wide range of bouquets that we deliver very quickly via our local florists. In addition to flowers, you can also contact us for nice gifts, there is a suitable gift for every occasion. For example, you can have a fruit basket delivered as a get well soon, or one of our other gifts such as champagne, cuddly toys, balloons or wine.

In summary:

Choose flowers that can withstand the heat.
Put them in a cool place.
Not in a draft or near the air conditioner.
Change the water regularly and use flower food.
If a flower becomes limp or the stem becomes soft, remove it.

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